Omri Ferradura

Mestre de Capoeira Omri Ferradura

Omri Ferradura is one of Brazil’s most prominent masters of this generation that is changing Capoeira in Brazil. He developed an educational method based on Capoeira’s history as an oral tradition and structured it with a solid pedagogical knowledge, creating the ‘Brincadeira de Angola’ method. The word ‘brincadeira’ means play, thus being a literal translation of how education should always be— fun!

Omri Ferradura was raised in the heart of Rio de Janeiro, where, from a very young age, he was exposed to the rhythms and and culture that are the pulse of this city. He was introduced to capoeira as a teenager, and became a renowned master. His research in music and movement led him to take part in a number of works with Brazilian dance and theater companies. In 2006 he completed a BA in Education, uniting the knowledge of popular culture with academic research. Since then, he has had a successful career as both teacher and performer; he has implemented his work in many schools around Rio with children and adults alike.

Over the years, Mestre Ferradura has led dozens of workshops in Brazil and around the world, preparing teachers for the challenges of working on a holistic approach to education—one that encompasses music, creative body movement, social interactions and cultural elements.

With the aim of sharing this knowledge, he set up an open-source site,, which explains in detail how Capoeira teachers all over the world can apply the method. His goal is to build an egalitarian teaching-learning process in which students can build their own knowledge in a cooperative, creative movement-based environment.

His academic articles: “A capoeira como prática educativa transformadora”, “A Capoeira como prática pedagógica na Educação Infantil” e “Capoeira e educação libertaria para a formação de sujeitos autônomos” were selected to represent Capoeira on RIo de Janeiro’s Secretary of Education website.

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