Tailor-Made Workshop

Roda de Capoeira no Metro Botafogo

Our Capoeira Angola school was established 25 years ago with the mission to widespread Capoeira. Therefore, we have projects going on in our central center, as well as in schools, in favelas (slums), in street parks, around Brazil and also in Europe. Therefore, we have the experience and the expertise to make your workshop a memorable time. In this tailor-made workshop, participants are all the time taking turns at either playing musical instruments, dancing or singing, in a non-stop, playful class. A well-structured methodology is used to ensure that participants experience the vibe and the groove and also understand the history and the culture. Our Capoeira workshops are open to everyone, regardless of previous experience, weight, age or nationality. We create a very safe, fun and welcoming environment, with focus in the music, the culture and the history of Capoeira along with a careful physical conditioning to get foreigners involved in the culture in no time. Please let us know about your personal needs and thoughts, so we can adjust the workshop to you! Contact us!